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Wake County Trash Pickup

When it comes to residential trash collection, there are many things that are often taken for granted. However, by working hard to reduce waste and increase recycling, residents who use Wake County trash pickup have a variety of options for ensuring their trash pickup goes as smoothly as possible. Due to its desire to serve all residents, Wake County’s Solid Waste Services Department offers information on a number of services, all of which are designed to make these services reliable and convenient.

Specialized Services
When the weather turns bad, residents need to know their Wake County trash pickup will continue to go smoothly. This is especially important during winter snowstorms, where trash pickup can be delayed. However, for Wake County trash pickup during these instances, customers need to ensure they have cleared a space near the curbside that will allow trash crews to have safe and easy access to trash cans. Along with this, there are many other services available for local residents.

Special Loads
When it comes to items such as large appliances, Aardvark residential trash customers can contact the company and schedule a Special Bulk Pickup. Because items such as this cannot be placed in a landfill, a collection fee of $24.99 is imposed for each pickup plus the cost of the landfill fee. However, for items that can be disposed of in a landfill but are too large to fit in a trash bin, Aardvark offers it’s Wake County customers this bulk collection. While this service can be used at different times throughout the year, residents should remember they can only request this service every other Friday.

Curbside Collection Preparation
Because Wake County uses automated garbage and recycling collection trucks, it’s important for residents to follow certain procedures to ensure their garbage is able to be properly collected. Among the steps to follow are:
–Bag garbage before placing it in the bin
–Use only Aardvark issued bins
–Keep bins at least three feet from mailboxes and vehicles
–Have bins at the curb no later than 4 a.m. on collection day
–Do not park on the street during collection day
By following these steps, few if any problems will present themselves during collection day.

Cooperation Between City and Residents
By following these rules and stressing cooperation between city and residents, Wake County trash pickup will proceed smoothly, ensuring residents will be satisfied with their service and county trash collectors will be able to complete their jobs in a satisfactory manner.