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Trash Company

One of the first things a person does after moving into a new home is to setup trash collection services. It’s important to have reliable trash collection on a regular basis. Though most trash companies claim they provide excellent service, one local veteran owned trash company more than fulfills all of its promises to its customers. Look at just a few of the qualities of this top-notch company.

Dependable, Timely Service

This veteran-owned trash company provides residents with dependable garbage collection. In short, they arrive on time to collect your trash and dispose of it each week. This company goes about its work in the most efficient way possible to get your trash picked up and hauled away.

Respect for Your Property

Another quality of this company is its workers have respect for your property. Your trash cans and receptacles are handled with care. They are put back neatly on your property after being emptied. This company’s employees do all they can to prevent loss of or damage to your trash cans.

Professional, Trained Workers

This trash company has trained workers who dispose of your trash in a safe, effective way. They go about their work without blocking traffic on your street. Also, they make sure that the trash stays in the truck once it’s placed there. This keeps litter from a garbage truck from marring the appearance of your neighborhood. The entire staff of this company cares about the quality of its work.

Handles a Variety of Items

Some trash companies only handle items of a certain type and size. This trash company handles a variety of items making it easy to dispose of things that are in bad shape or that you no longer need. A professional trash collection company should be ready and able to pick up whatever is put out at the curb by a customer.

Other Favorable Qualities of This Company

  • They have reliable trucks and other equipment.
  • They provide quick and satisfactory answers to customer questions.
  • They have accurate billing services.
  • They are easy to contact if there is an issue.

Finally, the veterans who own this trash company care about their reputation with new as well as their longtime customers. They work every day to make sure customers are happy with their weekly trash collection services.