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Residential Garbage Service

In the wake of the devastating flooding left behind by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and Hurricane Irma in Florida, the importance of residential garbage service has once again come into focus.

Residents of Corpus Christi and other coastal communities in Texas such as Port Arthur and Rockport were urged by county officials to refrain from leaving trash bags and debris on the curb since there was uncertainty about when the municipality would resume regular residential garbage service; however, local companies providing trash pick-up on a commercial basis were very active in Houston, New Orleans and other communities along the Gulf of Mexico.

A similar situation was experienced in late August 2017 by residents of Windsor, Ontario. Heavy rains in the Windsor-Essex region caused residents to report more than 2,500 flooded basements and lots of damaged items to discard; these items remained on the curb over an entire weekend since municipal crews were not able to operate as scheduled on Friday. Many Windsor families decided to call commercial residential garbage service providers because even the public drop-off depot was closed for Labor Day.

In South Florida, municipal and county officials suspended trash pick-up operations a few days before Hurricane Irma approached Cuba, which often signals a turn north towards the Florida Keys. With regular and bulk pick-up services cancelled, many residents made last-minute arrangements with local providers who could haul away their refuse before going on voluntary evacuations. The last thing anyone wants to see during a hurricane would be their bulk trash being turned into dangerous projectiles by gale-force winds.

Residential garbage service companies are often among the first to start operating after natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and wildfires. Likewise, some of these companies are also known to operate after municipal services have already stopped operating as part of hurricane preparations.

There is no question about the sheer importance of residential garbage collection services during hurricane season and as part of post-disaster recovery efforts. Homeowners should think about retaining these services on a weekly basis well before disaster strikes; to this effect, unscheduled pick-ups can be easier to arrange for existing customers than for those who are desperately trying to get rid of trash before the hurricane arrives or after it creates a mess in the neighborhood.

In the end, garbage collection services should not be forgotten when disaster approaches or after it strikes. These services can make a great difference in terms of efficient recovery.