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Raleigh Trash Pickup

Raleigh Trash Service

According to statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency, the average United States resident generates over four pounds of trash per day. Needless to say, this can add up quickly, hence the need for a reliable and high-quality trash pickup service. Since the typical household’s trash consists of many different items, it’s important to have a residential trash service that not only takes its job seriously but also keeps neighborhoods looking great. For folks who live in Raleigh and want to see the “City of Oaks” kept looking as beautiful as always, here are some important tips to consider when choosing the best Raleigh trash pickup service they can find.

Curbside Collection
To make sure their Raleigh trash pickup is as convenient as possible, residential customers should make sure the company they choose offers weekly curbside collection. In addition to this, it’s important that the company provide well-made trash cans that are in excellent condition, easy for customers to use, and are large enough to hold a customer’s trash. In most cases, a 96-gallon can is provided, with extra cans provided for an additional charge.

Recycling Services
Since more and more cities are trying to lessen how much trash winds up in their landfills, a Raleigh trash pickup service should offer recycling services to their customers. By providing a recycling bin along with a trash can, the residential trash service company can help educate customers on the many advantages of recycling, thus helping keep more trash out of landfills while keeping the city beautiful.

Large Item Removal
Unfortunately, not all trash from a household fits into a 96-gallon can. Whether it’s a stove, refrigerator, bathtub, or other large or bulky item, at some point these items need to be hauled off as well. Therefore, when choosing a Raleigh trash pickup service, make sure large item removal can be handled as well.

A Solid Track Record
Before choosing a Raleigh trash pickup company, try to make sure it has an excellent track record with other customers. If possible, ask the company for references. If they are unwilling to do this, plan on finding another company. If you are provided references, call one or two customers and ask them about the service they receive. By doing so, you can save yourself lots of future headaches.

Friendly and Well-Trained Employees
Whether it’s the person driving the trash truck or employees who may be removing bulky items, working with a company whose employees are well-trained and friendly each time they visit will make your trash pickup a much more pleasant experience for everyone.