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Garbage Near Me

While many people take garbage day for granted, it is actually a vital service that we couldn't do without. If there were no trash pickup, you could live in a neighborhood with waste and other contaminated debris on the streets. What are some of the … [Read more]

One Quarter Equals Big Change June 2017 – #PBTF

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation donations are getting bigger each month.  We have finally passed the $400 per month donation point.  Our next milestone is $10K total donation then $500 per month.  Each month when we take these pictures we are … [Read more]

One Quarter Equals Big Change May 2017 – #PBTF

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation monthly donation is only a few dollars away from $400 per month.  As our company grows the donation we share grows as well.  To date, our total donation has grown to $8,372.50.  With each passing month, we keep … [Read more]

Wake County Trash Pickup

When it comes to residential trash collection, there are many things that are often taken for granted. However, by working hard to reduce waste and increase recycling, residents who use Wake County trash pickup have a variety of options for ensuring … [Read more]

Trash Company

One of the first things a person does after moving into a new home is to setup trash collection services. It's important to have reliable trash collection on a regular basis. Though most trash companies claim they provide excellent service, one local … [Read more]

One Quarter Equals Big Change Apr 2017 – #PBTF

We are rocking the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and so close to passing the $400 per month mark.  We want to thank our great customers and congratulate the entire Aardvark Trash Family. We would also like to acknowledge our photographer.  She … [Read more]

One Quarter Equals Big Change Mar 2017 – #PBTF

Another great month for Aardvark Trash and Pediatric Brain Tumor Research.  As we move forward in 2017, we are getting close to our first milestone.  We are working hard to reach $10,000 donated to Curethekids.org.  The Pediatric Brain Tumor … [Read more]

Garbage Pickup Cost

Budgeting for garbage pickup cost is an essential part of helping to keep your community clean. While finding the most cost-effective solution for your sanitation needs is important, you will also want to make sure that the company you choose also … [Read more]

Residential Garbage Service Near Me

Find a Responsible Waste Management Company In Your Neighborhood When you are moving into a new home, one of the first things that you must think about is finding residential garbage service near me. To keep a home smelling nice, you must have … [Read more]

Garbage Pickup Cost

Researching the prices charged by garbage companies in your area is one way to start your search. Yet, you should know that cost isn’t the only factor that you should be considering because garbage companies are definitely not all the same. In fact, … [Read more]