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One Quarter Equals Big Change Sep 2017 – #PBTF

Penelope has a new Look and gained some weight.

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and AardvarkTrash.com have reached a very important milestone in our fundraising partnership.  With the latest donation, our total contribution to #PBTF is $10,045.00.  The 10K milestone was our 2nd goal in our challenge to Raise 50K and someday donate 5K per month.  We are so thankful to have great customers that pass our name to their family and friends.  Your trust in our service is a badge of excellence that we try to represent every day.  Somedays we fail but we always try to provide “Service Maximus” and go above and beyond what is expected of a trash service company.

So thankful to have a wonderful community that supports local companies.  WaCo and JoCo you ROCK!!  Mark & Darrell