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Commercial Trash Service

Commercial Trash Service is not a new business for Aardvark Trash. We have been providing 96 gallon can service in the area since we started. We provide services to Doctors, Dentist, Churches, Gas Stations and just about every small business in the community. Why do they choose us to service their commercial trash needs? SERVICE. We offer expectational service, we call it “Service Maximus“, for a very fair price and with no addition fees your find with the larger solid waste collectors.

Our job is to know our customers more than just a number or address but really understand the needs of each business to make sure we are the right fit and can help your business grow and prosper. So what you can expect from us is quality service, fair pricing and a real person on the other end of the phone or email that can answer questions or make suggestions about your commercial trash service.

Regardless of your business or industry we can offer a commercial trash service that meets or exceeds your needs and expectations. Call our commercial trash service hotline to talk with Mark or Darrell about your business needs at (919) 263-2559.