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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Penelope and what are cubs?

A: Penelope is the name of our mascot and garbage truck. My wife named the mascot at first sight and it stuck. The cubs (trash cans) are Penelope’s little off-spring (cub is the name of Aardvark babies) that roam around the area servicing customers trash needs.[top]

Q: What is the refund/cancellation policy?

A: Please submit any cancellation via email to orders@aardvarktrash.com, or call on our business phone at 85-LOV-TRASH (855-688-7274). ALL cancellations must contain the following: First name, last name, order number, phone number and service address. This information must be identical to the information originally submitted on your order. Please provide contact information so that we may contact you if we have questions in regards to canceling your order. Because all orders are for service activities please understand refunds for services previously rendered WILL NOT be refunded. Allow 10 business days for refund.[top]

Q: What is the late policy of AardvarkTrash.com?

A: Payments are due on or before the due date indicated on your invoice.  A 12 day grace period is offered to assist in the unlikely event your payment is delayed.  After 12 days a $5 balance due charge will be posted to your account.  To avoid this fee please pay your invoice before the due date or auto-pay with paperless billing.[top]

Q: What is the suspension of service policy of AardvarkTrash.com?

A: Our suspend policy is located in Terms of Service. [top]

Q: What is the Holiday schedule for AardvarkTrash.com?

A: We do not service on Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or New Years Day. You can view the service calendar here.  If your service day falls on these days, you will receive service the following day. We also do not service customers on days the landfill is closed (view hours).[top]

Q: What are the electronic invoicing and auto-pay policies?

A: Customers can cancel E-Bill and Auto-Pay at anytime.  You can access your subscription online at My Account.  On the My Account page you can cancel or suspend your subscription.  If you cancel your subscription but continue service your billing will be changed to month to month standard plan ($26.99 month). [top]

Q: Are there any limitations on the type of residential trash that is allowed for pickup?

A: AardvarkTrash.com will only accept items that can be disposed of in the municipal waste categories.  Aardvark will not pickup the following items:

  • All liquids (unknown/hazardous)
  • Fire, embers, or hot ashes
  • Hazardous wastes or unknown wastes
  • Poisons, herbicides, or pesticides
  • Dead animals
  • Land clearing debris (trees or stumps)
  • Yard waste (logs, limbs, leaves, grass or plants)
  • Shingles, construction, or building materials
  • Antifreeze.[top]

Q: What areas do you currently service?

A: Aardvark Trash currently services areas in Johnston And Wake county. You can find out if you are in our current service area at Aardvark Service map. At this time we do not let Penelope roam freely. If you can provide a home for 10 cubs in your neighborhood then we may expand to your area. [top]

Q: Do you offer recycle service?

A: Yes. We started Recycle service on 12/1/2013.[top]

Q: What size are your cans?

A: Our cans are 95-96 gallon cans. Both Trash and Recycle are the same size can.[top]

Q: How much does it cost for a second can?

A: For customers wishing to pay for a second trash can by the quarter the price is $6.99 per month or $20.97/quarter.[top]

Q: Do you charge extra fees for your service (Fuel Surcharge etc…)?

A: We have an excellent rate for garbage collection and do not have any additional fees for pickup or disposal (fuel charges or special disposal fees). We believe our price is very competitive and we publish our prices openly and without reservation. If you have to call your current provider to match our rates then you were charged too much before you called.[top]

Q: Do you offer bulk pickup for large items?

A: We offer bulk pickup services to current customers. The fee for bulk pickup is $24.99 plus the landfill dump fee (normally $5.20). This fee is due at the time services are rendered. If you have a credit card on-file we will charge when service completed. If you do not have a credit card on file then payment arrangements will have to be made before pickup. Bulk pickup is every other Friday opposite Recycle service collection Friday. Examples of bulk items: desk, sofa, mattress, wood products etc…[top]

Q: Your question?

A: Ask any question relating to AardvarkTrash.com and we will answer as soon as we can. We are a transparent company and feel if you have a question then someone else will likely have the same question at some point.[top]