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The story of Aardvark Trash’s creation is a funny story that does involve a few adult beverages.  Mark Brown and I (Darrell Sanderlin) went to the same high school.  We are both graduates of Garner Senior High School (Go Trojans!).  We meet again later in life because our wives are 1st cousins.  Since our families both have 3 kids (Mark Girl/Boy/Girl & Me Boy/Boy/Boy) when we spend time together the kids can keep themselves entertained.  This means a lot of time on beach vacations, Busch Gardens trips and just hanging out at each other homes.  Mark and I have been kicking around the idea of starting a business together for about 3 years.  We both are extreme advocates of customer service and feel customer service died when we started to import everything from places outside the borders of the US.  In the new era of the MBA style numbers driven focus the customer was just a number to squeeze.

After consuming 3 to many adult beverages out by the pool, we challenged each other to make a commitment to start a business that would be customer focused in a field where customer service was non-existent.  No big flashy gimmicks or promises we could not keep just good service.  We call this “Service Maximus“.   We felt we could do better and our customers would share their experiences and we would grow.  In late 2012, Aardvark Trash LLC was formed.  We started looking for our first truck and determining our first trash route.  We started in Johnston County NC because all the private trash haulers had been purchased by the BIG GUYS and no one was left to keep it local.

We decided on Aardvark Trash for three reasons:

  1. Aardvark is the first word in the english dictionary
  2. Aardvarks like to forage in the dirt to eat.  We thought dirty and foraging were perfect attributes for a trash company.
  3. Our wives liked the idea of cute Aardvark representing the brand “AardvarkTrash.com”.

Next he had to search for a Garbage truck.  Sounds simple but when you are just starting out we thought that we better be safe and pay cash for the first truck. [editors note: purchasing a new truck for 120K still scares me still].  We found a nice 2001 Ford F550 10 yard side loader that was formally with the Durham City Solid Waste Management Department.  The truck was well taken care of and we felt it was the right truck for us to start.  My wife Kimmey named her “Penelope” and started a tradition that we will keep alive as we grow.  Every new truck will recieve a name starting with “P”.

Give us a shout via the form below or better yet sign up for service and experience “Service Maximus”.

Mark & Darrell



 Aardvark Trash LLC
2664 Timber Drive Suite 309
Garner, NC 27529
(855) 688-7274
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