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Residential Trash Services

Most people have a routine in which they put their trash and recycling bins at the end of their driveways on the same night each week. The next day, the trash and recyclables are taken away and deposited at a remote location. If you don't have a … [Read more]

Home Trash Service

Hiring a home trash service requires some research on the business first. You want to deal with a company that is both reliable and trustworthy. The tips available here will help you decide on the services you need. How Much Will It Cost? Trash … [Read more]

One Quarter Equals Big Change Dec 2016 – #PBTF

Another month has passed and we are proud to show our progress with "One Quarter Equals Big Change" and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation #PBTF.  The trash business with the help of our wonderful customers is pushing research to make Pediatric … [Read more]

One Quarter Equals Big Change Nov 2016 – #PBTF

Another great month of #PBTF support from our awesome customers.  We donated $358.50 to curethekids.org.  They are doing amazing things to help advance the research of pediatric brain tumors.  Please take a moment to think about those less … [Read more]

One Quarter Equals Big Change Oct 2016 – #PBTF

The great customers of Aardvark Trash keep allowing us to grown and in turn donation more each month the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. We feel so fortunate to be part of a great community and have great customers.  This month we donated of $350 … [Read more]

One Quarter Equals Big Change Sep 2016 – #PBTF

Having way to much fun in our monthly #PBTF check photo.  This gives us great pride and happy to do this photo every month.  It makes your heart hurt at how such a small donation has grown every month to now over $340 this month alone.  We are … [Read more]

One Quarter Equals Big Change Aug 2016 – #PBTF

Another great month for Aardvark Trash and #PBTF.  We donated $339.25 to curethekids.org and look forward to that number continuing to grow each and every month.  We are so pleased our customers continue to spread the word about our great service on … [Read more]

Best Trash Service

Trash removal is way more important than many people think about; that is until the garbage begins to collect because their service has been interrupted. This is perhaps the most important reason to choose the best trash service available. While most … [Read more]

Raleigh Trash Collection

Raleigh trash collection services not only benefit individual home and property owners, but they also help to keep neighborhoods safe and clean. Trash removal is also an essential part of public health services. There are many benefits to having a … [Read more]

Residential Trash Service

When you do not live within the boundaries of a city, figuring out your weekly trash pickup system can be a challenge. Taking your trash to the dump is a time-consuming ordeal that can be messy, smelly and overwhelming. Allowing the trash to pile up … [Read more]