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Wake County Waste

About Locally Owned Residential Waste Collection in Wake County In places where there is no municipal waste pickup, the trash can build up quickly. Homeowners may not be able to easily haul their refuse to the landfill because of time constraints, … [Read more]

One Quarter Equals Big Change Aug 2017 – #PBTF

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation received another check this month thanks to the great customers at Aardvark Trash.  "One Quarter Equals Big Change" is starting to make some big MONEY.  We are set to reach our second milestone in September 2017 … [Read more]

Trash Service Raleigh NC

Choose a Trash Collection Company That Gives Back To the Community If you own a home or business, then you will have a lot of trash that requires fast disposal at an off-site location. You should contact trash service Raleigh NC experts to learn … [Read more]

Raleigh Trash Pickup

According to statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency, the average United States resident generates over four pounds of trash per day. Needless to say, this can add up quickly, hence the need for a reliable and high-quality trash pickup … [Read more]

Trash Pickup Clayton NC

One of the first things that you want to do when you move to a new home is to make sure that you have trash pickup service. It makes it easier to maintain a sanitary home that is safe for you and your children to live in. Doing so also makes it less … [Read more]

Trash Service Raleigh NC

Choose Your Own Independent Waste Management Company When you are moving into a rental home in our city, it may have a lot of trash that is left behind by the previous tenants. You can contact our trash service Raleigh NC company for efficient … [Read more]

One Quarter Equals Big Change July 2017 – #PBTF

Another great month for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (#PBTF) and Aardvark Trash.  We would like to thank our awesome customers for their continued support and for spreading the word about our great service.  Trash collection, garbage service, … [Read more]

Garbage Haulers Near Me

When I am looking for garbage haulers near me, I always want to make sure that I find the best option. When it comes to my garbage, I don’t want to take any chances. The last thing I want is an unreliable garbage collector, especially during the … [Read more]

Local Trash Companies

Garbage collection and disposal are two of the earliest environmental issues faced by humankind. If there is one thing that anthropologists, archaeologists and historians can all agree on is that humans have always had an unfortunate tendency to be … [Read more]

Clayton Trash Service

The Town of Clayton was established in 1869. In the early days the town was a hot bed of cotton, watermelons and tobacco.  When the cotton industry moved on, Tobacco replaced the income for many additional years.  Today the town calls many large … [Read more]