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One Quarter Equals Big Change Mar 2017 – #PBTF

Another great month for Aardvark Trash and Pediatric Brain Tumor Research.  As we move forward in 2017, we are getting close to our first milestone.  We are working hard to reach $10,000 donated to Curethekids.org.  The Pediatric Brain Tumor … [Read more]

Garbage Pickup Cost

Budgeting for garbage pickup cost is an essential part of helping to keep your community clean. While finding the most cost-effective solution for your sanitation needs is important, you will also want to make sure that the company you choose also … [Read more]

Residential Garbage Service Near Me

Find a Responsible Waste Management Company In Your Neighborhood When you are moving into a new home, one of the first things that you must think about is finding residential garbage service near me. To keep a home smelling nice, you must have … [Read more]

Garbage Pickup Cost

Researching the prices charged by garbage companies in your area is one way to start your search. Yet, you should know that cost isn’t the only factor that you should be considering because garbage companies are definitely not all the same. In fact, … [Read more]

Garbage Companies Near Me

We’re The Garbage Company Near You that Works For You! Taking out the trash shouldn’t be a difficult task. You can hire a company that does it all for you. You can start the search for the best “garbage companies near me,” but the search won’t … [Read more]

One Quarter Equals Big Change Feb 2017 – #PBTF

It just keeps getting better and we have our great customers to THANK for the donations.  Mark and Darrell would like to make a shout-out to our awesome customers for spreading the word about Great Service (Service Maximus), Great Prices and choosing … [Read more]

One Quarter Equals Big Change Jan 2017 – #PBTF

We finished 2016 with a great month for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation #PBTF.  We are pleased to donate $369.00 on behalf of our customers and company. Help us grow this donation.  Give Aardvark a try and experience Service Maximus. … [Read more]

Trash Company Near Me

Whether you have recently moved into a new area or you are looking for more affordable service, you may be searching for a trash company near me to find the best overall provider for your trash collection needs. You may think that all trash companies … [Read more]

Residential Trash Services

Most people have a routine in which they put their trash and recycling bins at the end of their driveways on the same night each week. The next day, the trash and recyclables are taken away and deposited at a remote location. If you don't have a … [Read more]

Home Trash Service

Hiring a home trash service requires some research on the business first. You want to deal with a company that is both reliable and trustworthy. The tips available here will help you decide on the services you need. How Much Will It Cost? Trash … [Read more]