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One Quarter Equals Big Change Nov 2017 – #PBTF

With each passing month, we get closer to our next goal for "One Quarter Equals Big Change" (#OQEBC). With $500 just around the corner, we can only say thanks to our great customers for putting the word out that we care and we strive to be different … [Read more]

One Quarter Equals Big Change Oct 2017 – #PBTF

Another successful month for Aardvark Trash and PBTF.  Curethekids.org received $446.75 in October our largest donation to date.  As we grow, the donations grow thanks to our wonderful customers. Below is a list of the current projects that PBTF … [Read more]

Trash Pick Up Services

Are you looking for a residential subscription service that provides weekly trash pickup? If so, there are several things to check for as you evaluate the quality of a company’s trash pick up services. Look at four things to keep in mind as you weigh … [Read more]

One Quarter Equals Big Change Sep 2017 – #PBTF

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and AardvarkTrash.com have reached a very important milestone in our fundraising partnership.  With the latest donation, our total contribution to #PBTF is $10,045.00.  The 10K milestone was our 2nd goal in our … [Read more]

Residential Garbage Service

In the wake of the devastating flooding left behind by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and Hurricane Irma in Florida, the importance of residential garbage service has once again come into focus. Residents of Corpus Christi and other coastal … [Read more]

Raleigh Waste Services

Waste removal services are essential for keeping your community and home sanitary. Yet, living outside of the main service area poses a few challenges since it is up to you to arrange for Raleigh waste services to carry away your trash. The good news … [Read more]

Wake County Waste

About Locally Owned Residential Waste Collection in Wake County In places where there is no municipal waste pickup, the trash can build up quickly. Homeowners may not be able to easily haul their refuse to the landfill because of time constraints, … [Read more]

One Quarter Equals Big Change Aug 2017 – #PBTF

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation received another check this month thanks to the great customers at Aardvark Trash.  "One Quarter Equals Big Change" is starting to make some big MONEY.  We are set to reach our second milestone in September 2017 … [Read more]

Trash Service Raleigh NC

Choose a Trash Collection Company That Gives Back To the Community If you own a home or business, then you will have a lot of trash that requires fast disposal at an off-site location. You should contact trash service Raleigh NC experts to learn … [Read more]

Raleigh Trash Pickup

According to statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency, the average United States resident generates over four pounds of trash per day. Needless to say, this can add up quickly, hence the need for a reliable and high-quality trash pickup … [Read more]